Building security

All our guardians are highly qualified and well-built. They perfectly handle all critical situations, such as first aid, arresting of perpetrators, crime scene securing. They treat all customers very professionally and are always very helpful. All of our guardians possess a necessary minimum of a legal knowledge.

You can monitor their activities using special software, in which they regularly have to log in. You can use our service on a long term basis or you can order one-time job. We also offer well-trained dog handlers with watchdogs.

We cooperate with well-known breeding stations in the Czech Republic (Holubí dům, Janovský dvůr, etc.) Our dogs are trained for the needs of the armed forces with focus on odor tracking and defense.

In case of pyrotechnic danger we collaborate closely with professionals from the company, who are offering wide range of services with focus on explosives and pyrotechnics – starting with science and research, training, tear-off work and pyrotechnical depollution in inland and abroad up to e.g. dog explosives detection training.

Besides a standard building guarding we also offer following services:

Security building audit – we will analyze the level of your company safety and the level of asset storage risks, according to the analysis results we will prepare a tailor fitted security measures plan, including safety documentation preparation (operational safety rules and similar) – without any impact on your company activities/business.

Penetration test – we can get into (penetrate) any building chosen by you and reveal the weak points in its security.

Building monitoring/surveillance – we can install a camera system, on the building chosen by you, like this you will be able to monitor the location in real time; if detecting a movement, the system can send a picture to your cell phone and in case of danger the alarm system is launched.


Protection of individuals and group of people - bodyguarding

With our bodyguards you can fully enjoy the feeling of safty. The men are regularly being tested in the physical ability and psychical resistance. Thanks to the long lasting praxis our bodyguards can protect not only individuals but group of people as well. They aren´t limited by the borders, the service is provided non-stop, on a one-time basis as well as on a regular basis.

Protection of individuals and VIP – we will plan a safe route or stay. We will check all the localities you are planning to visit. In case of a low security of the respective locality, we will choose a suitable alternative. We will evaluate the level of security of your house or a business meeting location and we will ensure the highest level of security of these places. The guarded person will be under continuous supervision without any comfort disruption.

Cultural and social event security – we will ensure a secure course of any event with a help of armed professionals; we can provide well trained dog handlers as well.

VIP transfer – we can provide comfort transfer with a luxury limousine and armed escort. We guarantee you safe travel not only within the Czech Republic, but worldwide too.


Personal safety

The thefts and information leaks are unfortunately most frequently done by own stuff. It is therefore of high importance to devote a special attention to the employees selection, their training and the subsequent control.

We offer therefore a complete applicant’s history check with focus on the working history and loyalty. During the admission process we will ensure the psychological profile of each applicant.

We can as well check your current stuff´s history, indifferently if as a prevention measure or your suspicion of negative actions against your company.

We will train the employees with the access to the important assets or information, how to treat them securely.


IT safety

We offer a complex range of services in the field of IT safety. Our services include the local PC or computer network protection. We can design new network infrastructure for you in accordance with the strict safety rules. We also offer security audit and penetration test of your current network including suggestions, how to rectify the potential faults and malfunctions.

Further we offer you services like recovery of data deleted from your computer or other devices (cell phone, tablet etc.). We can ensure permanent data deletion.

We offer Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysis of chosen subject or topics, further analysis of social network content, discussion forums or blogosphere. We can also localize any user for you.

Our company has a specialist possessing worldwide accepted CEH v7 312-50 certificate (Certified Ethical hacker).



We approach each client individually.
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