Encrypted calls

We can ensure you protection against eavesdropping while using encrypting phones with the Cryptosmart system. You can use Samsung Galaxy S III or for this purpose developed S Phone.

Another option would be the encrypted call with VoIP technology. You can use wireless devices as well. The low call price is the biggest advantage.

VoIP technology is a data call, where the sound is transmitted via internet. We can encrypt each such internet call twice and like this prevent any information leak.


Protection against eavesdropping

Basic – represents detection of the most common eavesdropping equipment; this is a very fast and effective way, suitable for those customers, who don´t expect to be exposed to some more advanced eavesdropping technology.

Complete – represents detection of active as well as deactivated eavesdropping equipment including thermo camera room inspection; it is a highly effective method, detects even highly sophisticated technology.

Regular – we can detect any type of eavesdropping technology; in any appointed room – on a regular basis (including room clear out and detailed furniture and connection board check).

We can analyze for instance: line, long wave, infrared, analog and digital eavesdropping equipment, encrypting devices, eavesdropping equipment abusing the public network, modified GSM phones, unlawful access to the LAN network as well as devices for special deployment.

We work very discreetly, we use common cars (without any specific marking), and most of the work/analysis is done outside the appointed premises.

Don´t hesitate to contact us, if you think that attack is the best way of protection. We offer you installation of eavesdropping technology of the highest quality as well as installation of modern hidden camera systems.


Car check

Basic – suitable for cars with lower security risk, where no interior or engine part has to be dismantled; it includes a physical check of the entire car, engine and RF spectrum analysis

Complete – suitable for cars with higher security risk; thanks to a complete car check any professional invasive installation can be detected - we will check your car untill the very last screw. As this kind of check is more time-consuming, we can provide you with a safe replacement car.


We approach each client individually.
Contact us and let’s discuss the details.