Alternative compensation


The Law on alternative compensation

An employer with more than 25 employees is obliged by law to employ persons with disabilities (disabled persons) at a ratio of 4%. If he cannot provide jobs for persons with disabilities, the employer is obliged to make use of alternative compensation or to pay 2.5 times the average monthly wage for each of the mandatory disabled person. (Contributions to the state budget for the failure to employ one disabled person equals to 2.5 x 24 408 CZK – average wage, in total about 61 000 CZK).

Alternative compensation saves you money!

Under alternative compensation is to understand the purchase of goods or services from a company that employs a majority of persons with disabilities.

We are such company! Just order a service or a cleaning material delivery and you do not have to invent any legal loophole. Of course we can issue the confirmation of the number of employed persons with disabilities. Thanks to this you can save a lot! Not only that you do not need to pay two and a half salary, but on top of that you will get high quality service and products!


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