Dog upbringing and training


No matter if you want your dog to be a guardian dog, hunting dog, rescue dog, sniffer dog or just a decent and well behaving dog. To achieve such target, every dog needs an adequate training.

We are happy to offer you all possible services! For instance basic dog upbringing. Are you desperate because your dog is naughty? Contact us! We will learn how to get along with your dog – we will analyze the problems and point out the mistakes in upbringing. Or we can offer you a special training for your dog. We will train it to be a hunter, rescuer or tracker. Whatever you wish. And you will see that your dog will love the training – dogs also like to learn new things.

You can find dogs trained by us all over the globe, for instance on duty in Egypt, Panama, Venezuela or Bolivia.


We approach each client individually.
Contact us and let’s discuss the details.