Protection of individuals and group of people – bodyguarding


With our bodyguards you can fully enjoy the feeling of safty. The men are regularly being tested in the physical ability and psychical resistance. Thanks to the long lasting praxis our bodyguards can protect not only individuals but group of people as well. They aren´t limited by the borders, the service is provided non-stop, on a one-time basis as well as on a regular basis.

Protection of individuals and VIP – we will plan a safe route or stay. We will check all the localities you are planning to visit. In case of a low security of the respective locality, we will choose a suitable alternative. We will evaluate the level of security of your house or a business meeting location and we will ensure the highest level of security of these places. The guarded person will be under continuous supervision without any comfort disruption.

Cultural and social event security – we will ensure a secure course of any event with a help of armed professionals; we can provide well trained dog handlers as well.

VIP transfer – we can provide comfort transfer with a luxury limousine and armed escort. We guarantee you safe travel not only within the Czech Republic, but worldwide too.


We approach each client individually.
Contact us and let’s discuss the details.